We all need hope. We all need assurance that there is more. Something to look forward to. Without hope, our day becomes empty, our future dark, our present moment terrifying. Hope gets you through those moments we aren’t sure we will get through at all. 

In the midst of tragic loss and grief of someone we love – the hope of eternal life and seeing them again in heaven gives us peace. It makes that pain a little less, because we know this is just temporary.

Any situation you face, or are going through is just a moment. Oh I know it can feel like it will never end – but it will. You will look back on this later and be able to see differently. It won’t hurt so much, it won’t make you feel desperate or alone – you will get through this. And you will be stronger for it! 

I know you think I don’t understand – I can’t possibly know the tremendous ache you are feeling. Friend, I may not have experienced what you are experiencing right now – but believe me I have felt that ache that knots up your insides and won’t let go. 

I know the hopelessness of not wanting to face another day, because it seems too hard. I know the exhaustion of lost sleep, because your heart is so broken. The replaying of the wounds that won’t go away. The betrayal of friends and family you never imagined. 

No matter what you are facing – there is hope. You will smile again, you will trust again, you will love again. Yes – this experience will change you – but how you choose to deal with it will make you bitter or better – your choice. 

Choose hope – and be better for it! Believe there is more to come – more to experience – more sunshine behind those dark clouds. 

You will make it! I am cheering you on! Do not stop – don’t look back. 

Hope is looking forward when you can’t see that far ahead. 

You can do this!

I believe in you! 

I believe in hope! 


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